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hosted by asphaleia for our young people


what is The Youth Media?

If you're visiting this page you must be using one of our services at asphaleia - it's great to have you! We value you, your feedback and opinions, and also your ideas and contributions. The Youth Media is a place for you to:

  • Share your voice

  • Give feedback

  • Use your creativity

  • Find out key information, advice and guidance

  • Find signposting to services

  • Receive current news and interests

  • Find opportunities to get involved

The Youth Media newsletter

Every two months we send out a newsletter via email or text to all our young people. It includes stories, videos, helpful information, and job listings - and most of the stories are from young people like you. 

We want this newsletter to be mostly made up of young people's contributions so whether you like writing, drawing, or making videos, we'd love to hear from you. 

If you'd like to receive the newsletter and don't already, please click here to subscribe. 

tell us what you think!

We want The Youth Media website and newsletter to be shaped by you! Please complete the short survey below to let us know what you'd like to see here and in the newsletter. 

want to get involved?

We need your contributions to the newsletter and also any ideas or requests you have for what this website should include as we develop it further in the coming year. 

Please email us on with your contributions, feedback and suggestions. 

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